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Memory's Orphans Memory's Orphans
by Lorne Shirinian

Memory's Orphans is a new collection of short fiction from Lorne Shirinian that explores the themes of memory and forgetting in eleven stories. Below is the table of contents followed by the second of two prefaces to the collection.

Memory's Orphans (2002)
ISBN 0-920266-14-2
101 pages

Table of Contents

Preface 1...1
Preface 2... 2
Hide and Seek...5
Extras ...10
Juliaís Decision...24
Armenian Tourism...32
Hotel Diaspora...49
Delirian 2002 ...53
Contemporary Armenology...58
Mistaken Identities...66
The Chaotic Haven of Final Dreams/ The Final Haven of Chaotic Dreams... 77
Memoryís Orphans...91
Krikor, the Cobbler... 100

Preface 2
There are so many things I have to tell you. If only you will listen. At times, I become desperate. I do strange things when you turn away or make excuses. I donít recognize myself. I go to work every morning and program software or tune car engines, order supplies, set stones. I tell you I do strange things. I meet people on busy street corners. Slip messages to passers-by. I make phone calls from noisy booths. Slowly, I gather material. Lots of it. Things you would never guess.

Let me tell you. Itís not easy. Iíve turned my cheek enough times. I donít want to go underground. Thereís still time. Constant movement. Camouflage. Assimilation. The pat on the back. The old bob-and-weave. Duck. Jab. Jab. Hook. There still might be time.

Do you want to know what itís about? Really? All right then; let me tell you; then you can judge for yourself. Then weíll see where we stand.

Iíll tell you right off this isnít a nice story. Not the kind of thing certain writers would write: a quest for father and motherland motivated by necessary principles. And of course the history book in hand to help you comprehend the damage throughout the centuries. The necessary guides and helpers to take the reluctant heroes to the climactic moment, a desirable and satisfying accommodation with the right emotional release. The rapid denouement for the dead. Letís go home. Iíve done my duty. Now for the rest of my life. Iíll tell you right now this isnít going to be like that. Thatís not the way it happened.

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