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Love Hemorrhage

Love HemorrhageGeorge and Lenny Flowers, two disgraced ex-detectives from Toronto travel to Kingston to greet their stepdaughter, Heidi Boa, a lounge singer just returned from engagements in Germany, only to find that she has been murdered and thrown in a dumpster behind an apartment building. A former famous actress is then found murdered in the same building. The police suspect Nolan Scrub, an obsessive-compulsive young man recently fired from his job.

P. S. Sri, novelist and teacher, has written, "Lorne Shirinian is a gifted writer. His stories educate us and raise our awareness of the ongoing effects of the Armenian genocide. They remind us that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Above all, they humanize us by compelling us to gaze unblinkingly at the suffering faces of fellow humans."

Lorne Shirinian is trans-creating Love Hemorrhage into a film script.

ISBN 978-020966-44-1
Love Hemorrhage
111 pages

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