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Like Standing on Shifting Sands LIKE STANDING ON SHIFTING SANDS
By Lorne Shirinian

Like Standing on Shifting Sands is a novel written in three sections: Jake and Hannah, Restlessness and Like Standing on Shifting Sands. Three writers meet in a café in Toronto and formed a friendship. They find themselves with publishing contracts; however, their pasts continue to put their lives in danger. Jake Calman was kidnapped; after eight months, he escaped but, the head of the gang seeks revenge for the killing of his brother. Jake's two friends, Lorne Ben Tudela and Jacob Levy, help him and now have become targets.
While trying to kill Jake, Al Pommeroy, the gang leader is accidentally killed in front of the writers. Detective Jon Cuspid becomes the lead investigator, but there is more than crime involved. Detective Cuspid was the lead investigator in Jake Calman's missing person case. Cuspid courted Jake's wife Hannah now that she was alone. After several months, he moved in with her. Cuspid pursues the three writers for the murder of Al Pommeroy as well as for the murder of Jake Calman's former lover, Gladys Crummley, a much-loved crime fiction writer at Grimm Publishing, the same company that is now about to publish the writers' new books. In the end, a shaky justice prevails.

Lorne Shirinian
312 pages
ISBN 9780920266540
Price: $15.63

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