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Dark Thing Landscape
by Lorne Shirinian

Blue Heron Press is pleased to announce the publication of new collection of essays on the Armenian diaspora, The Landscape of Memory: Perspectives on the Armenian Diaspora, by Lorne Shirinian.

“We are at a turning point in the Armenian diaspora in North America,” says Lorne Shirinian. “Identity, community and belonging are all problematized and will continue to be. Furthermore, the traditional elements of identity such as language, religion and our relationship to the Genocide are already waning. In this collection of essays, I wanted to explore these issues and what is at stake if the Armenian diaspora is to have a future.”

In a wide-ranging series of insightful essays, Lorne Shirinian analyzes various aspects of the Armenian diaspora as the titles indicate: The Resettlement of Refugees after the Armenian Genocide with Special Reference to Canada, Memory, Narrative, and the Construction of Identity in the Armenian Diaspora, The Landscape of Memory, Armenian Orphan Survivors: The Georgetown Boys, The Armenian Genocide and the Issue of Forgiveness, Being a Writer in the Armenian Diaspora.

The Landscape of Memory: Perspectives on the Armenian Diaspora
ISBN 0-920266-30-4
102 pages

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